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Thank you for using the Warehouse TERRADA CLOUD WINE CELLAR website (referred to below as “the Website”).
Please adhere to the following when using the Website.

Links to the Website

When setting up links to the Website, please notify us in advance of the name and telephone number of the user, the URL of the source of the link, and the date of commencement of use.
Note that Warehouse TERRADA is in no way responsible for websites that are the source of links.
Furthermore, we may refuse to set up links if we find that the source of the link is in violation of public order and morals, contains abusive content, or otherwise could present a danger to our business or reputation.

Protection of Personal Information

When you use the inquiry service on the Website, we may ask you to register your name, e-mail address, and home address, etc.
The registered information will only be used for authentication and verification of your identity.
Personal information registered will be managed appropriately and with care to ensure it is not accessed without authorization, lost, tampered with, or misused.

Recommended environment


The following browser environments are recommended for viewing the Website. The Website may not be used or displayed correctly if a browser other than those recommended is used, or depending on the settings configured by the user, even if a recommended browser is used.

Windows 7 or higher
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Android OS 6.0 or higher Latest version of Chrome


Adobe Reader is required to view the PDF files on the Website.
If Adobe Reader is not installed, please click the icon below to download and install it.
You will be able to view PDF files once Adobe Reader is installed.
For details, see the Adobe Systems site.

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The Website uses JavaScript.
The Website may not be correctly displayed or function if JavaScript is disabled in your browser settings.
Please view the Website with JavaScript enabled in your Web browser settings.

[Style Sheets]

The Website uses style sheets. The Website may not display or function properly if style sheets are disabled in your browser settings. Please view the Website with style sheets enabled in your Web browser settings.

[Screen Size]

Please view the Website on a monitor with a resolution of 1024 x 768 pixels or higher.


The Company may change the content shown on the Website and the content of services without notice. The Company shall not be liable in any way for any damages arising from the use of the Website.

Access Information

The Website uses IP addresses and data files called cookies to collect information such as the frequency of access and the pages accessed. This will only be used as statistical data for improving content to provide greater convenience of use for the Website, and information enabling the identification of individuals will not be obtained unless you have registered when using the inquiry service.
IP address: The number assigned to each computer connected to a network such as the Internet.
• Cookie: A file written to a user’s computer by a website and used to exchange information with it.

What is a Cookie?

A cookie is a system to store usage history and input data sent or received between the browser and the server upon usage of the webpage as a file on the user's computer. Next time the user accesses the same page, information in the cookie is used by the webpage operator to change the display for each user, etc. If the user permits sending and receiving cookies in the browser settings, the website can obtain cookies from the user's browser. Further, the user's browser only sends cookies that the website server has sent or received in order to protect the user's privacy.

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What We Do with Cookies

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